This weekend at the races 5/22/15!

Our athletes continue to rock the house! Triathlon season is just about underway, and our early season results show that our gang is READY!!!!!

Open water swim:

Michele Reimer: 41:41- PR

Sehgahunda Trail Marathon:
Dan Walsh: 6:24

Buffalo Half Marathon:
Denise Salmons: 2:03

Sunset House 5k:
Dave Hansen 18:41 – 1st AG
Jennie Hansen 18:57- 1st OA (Jennie is coached by QT2, but is one of our coaches as you know! We are just so proud of her for this!)
Curt Eggers: 19:08 1st AG
Luc Eggers 22:47 3rd AG

Glassfest 8k:
Peter Dugo: 34:41, PR by 2:20

Every Step for Autism 5k:
Marci: 34:09, Big post surgery PR!

Weekend at the races 5/17/15!

Ironman Texas!

Marj Rinaldo: 12:03, 5th AG
Brent Cunningham 12:56 1st IM!!!!
ECC Kats Sprint Triathlon:
Wayne Mullhair 1:11.32 1st AG
Steve Switek 1:11:53 5th AG
Gillian Tierney 1:12:58 1st OVERALL!
Mary Eggers 1:14:38 2nd OA
Erin Brooke 1:26:45 2nd AG
Denise Salmons 1:36:45 1st age group!
Shamrock Duathlon:
Kurt Lindboom-Broberg: 6th OA, 1st AG

Breast cancer 5K

Jenelle Glover 21.51 3rd OA

Triple T:

Friday night super sprint:
Dan Pierce finished 3rd in the solo / senior division
Susan Niswander and her husband Scott finished 5th in the mixed teams team division

Saturday morning Olympic:
Dan-4th solo Olympic
Susan and Scott Niswander finished 4th in mixed teams.
Saturday evening Olympic:
Dan-1st solo Olympic
Susan and Scott-4th mixed teams
Sunday Half:
Dan Pierce: flatted out
Susan Niswander-4th in mixed teams
Cascade Lake Tri:
Brian Reh: 1st AGLilac 10k:

Matt Phillips, 36:55, 6th AG
Paul Phillips, 48:12, 4th AG
Blake Landry, 43:50, PR
Dan Wimer, 56:41, course PR!
Miami Sprint Tri:
Josh Mathis: 1:16, 9th AG

Weekend at the races! 5/10/15

Great racing this past weekend everyone!

Fly By Night Duathlon:
Peter Dugo-1:48:57-6th AG
Darryl Heckle-1:42:08-4th AG
Ericka Hachmeister-First Overall Female-1:34:43
Janelle Glover-1st AG, 1:50:02
Wayne Mullhair-1:51:21-8th AG

Mother’s Day Aquabike:
Michele Reimer- 1st AG

Kinetic Half Ironman:
Stevie Smith-5:34:05, 1st AG, Course PR

Kinetic Sprint:
Kerri Turner 2:07!

CP run for fun 5K
Ricky Figueroa 22:25 5th age group

Bill Lawler 5K 
Courtney Shores: 28:06

This weekend at the races! 5/4/15

Congrats to the following athletes for their race performances this weekend!!!!

Amber Forkell: Toronto Marathon: 3:34:44-BQ and 6 min PR-9/91 in AG
Paul Phillips: Toronto Marathon: 3:51-BQ and 6 min PR
Ricky Figueroa: Borad St. 10 miler- 1:12
Alexa Harding Pittsburgh marathon: 3:45-negative splits!
Aliza Breault: Pittsburgh marathon: 4:31
Stephanie Carl:Corning Y Tri sprint triathlon: 1:36, 3rd OA female
Paul Cupo: Mississauga marathon-3:35
Alex Tong MedVed 15 miler-3:06:38
Randolph Randolph: Northface 50 mile trail run: 10:53, 9th AG
Tim Gill-5th AG at the New Jersey Devilman Half Lite 50 tri in 3:34, 6min course PR over last year

Getting race ready!

Race season is upon us! While it seems while we made a hard transition form winter to spring (like someone just flipped a switch) it can be equally difficult to switch form training mode to race mode. It is as if too much time became too little time. Many athletes suddenly find themselves a week or two (or day!) out of the first race of the season unprepared. Here is a little check list of a few things you can do to help you get ready!

1. Bike tune up: To be honest if you are expecting a quick turnaround at a bike shop in may for a last minute tune up, you have a rude awakening. (Unless you are a Valor Triathlon Project athlete and frequent Towpath Bike!). Most bike shops are suddenly getting inundated with bikes to get race ready NOW. But if you haven’t gotten it into the shop, bite the bullet. Get it in and be patient with the turnaround,a nd expect to ride a gym bike if you don’t have a second set of wheels.

2. Check your bike: Check your tires, check your brakes, check every nut and bolt on your ride. Get your tubes, get your flat kit ready, make sure everything is in working order. Know how to pump your OWN tires. Know how to made small adjustments. Don’t be that athlete on race day who frantically runs to bike support freaking out because something isn’t working! KNOW HOW TO CHANGE A FLAT!

3. Examine your wetsuit: Check it for rips and tears. Put it on. Make sure it still fits!!!

4. Get your race goggles. I have a separate pair for racing than training (I train in Swedes). Don’t touch the lenses.

5. Examine bike and run shoes: Make sure your cleats are tight, and make sure you have the right laces on your run shoes!

6. Race belt: Get your race belt out. I find a race belt so easy to use!

7. How is the helmet? Helmets should be replaced every few seasons. They wear. Make sure the straps are properly fit, and make sure the clasps work. Don’t hesitate to spend some cash on a helmet. It will protect the most important part of you.

8. Get your race bag ready. In May I assemble my race bag and it travels the season with me. Here are a few of the items I put in there that I don’t remove:

  • Baby powder: I use this in my bike and run shoes. It helps me slide my feet in easier.
  • Body glide: put it in now, and have it the rest of the season.
  • Race belts: I usually throw three in, in the event someone needs it or I lose one.
  • Extra goggles: just in case
  • Rubber bands: I use these to position my bike shoes as I leave them on my pedals.
  • Salt tablets and a container: always.
  • Co2 cartridges, and extra hand pump, tubes and my tubulars. I generally race on tubulars so I like to have some tire irons and even glue.
  • Skewers: believe it or not I have needed to search for these on race day.

I like to be race ready all of the time. I don’t like to spend valuable recovery time looking for things I should have ready. That searching, freaking out, traveling from one bike shop to another can take away from your focus. And your focus should be sharp and on point.

So remember……. it’s here. Get ready.