Triathlon is who we are

Triathlon brought us together as friends, as coaches and as teammates. We created Valor Triathlon Project with the goal of bringing our experiences and expertise to you, the athlete.

We don’t employ one size fits all programs, we don’t offer generic training plans. We work with you to create a plan that meets you where you are. We take your current life logistics, goals, level of fitness and design a program to help you become the healthiest and fittest athlete you can become.

We don’t compromise health, we don’t compromise family, we don’t compromise a healthy life sport balance. We help you learn how to balance and integrate it.

Our team of USAT coaches takes a strategic yet holistic approach in creating an annual training plan that utilizes the tools you have. Some of our plans are primarily heart rate based, others are primarily power and pace based, we use all parameters to constantly evaluate and plan your training.

Healthy athletes are happy athletes. Happy athletes succeed. We not only work on the physical aspect of your training, but all the dimensions that make an athlete…. an athlete. We understand how marriage, parenthood, career and even earning your living as a pro play into the dynamics of performance.


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