Nutrition Services

Tina is not only a Level II USAT Triathlon Coach, she holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition. In addition she is currently enrolled in the International Olympic Committee’s prestigious 2-year Sports Nutrition Diploma program, leading to a master’s degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. Tina is also a certified sports nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your performance, have more energy, recover faster or lose weight, doing a 3 day dietary recall will help you reach those goals.

Tina offers 3 packages for nutrition, beginning with her basic analysis:

In the basic plan, Tina  will have you fill out a food and activity log, she will then analyze your diet for calories, macronutrients, micronutrients and you will have a 60min discussion on the results.

This is a base level in her nutrition coaching can be done on its own, but must be done before moving onto 1 on 1 guidance. A 3 day dietary recall will:

  • Allow Tina to see what choices you are making in food selections during the day and before and after training.
  • Allow Tina to make recommendations of changes to make to help you achieve your goals
  • Give you proper numbers and percentages for daily calories, macronutrients and micronutrients
  • Give you examples of specific foods and menus to follow to help you achieve your goal
  • Give you the proper tools to help you achieve your goals

1 on 1 Nutrition Guidance- Optimize your nutrition with this second level of nutrition coaching. After you’ve completed the basic 3 day dietary recall, you will know what nutrition direction you need to head in to achieve your goals. Just knowing what you need to do might not be enough, especially if you’ve struggled to keep weight off, you’ve experienced GI distress while racing or you need to be held accountable for your nutrition choices. This is a one month program. If you’d like further support and guidance, this is the next level for you. This level provides:

  • Monthly phone calls and unlimited e-mail support
  • Weekly review of food logs and recommendations for improvement
  • Food preference lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Supplemental materials and nutrition handouts
  • Recipes and meal suggestions
  • Discounts for coached athletes

Additional services

Race Day Fuel Plan: After training for months for a race, not having a nutrition plan can lead to serious issues come race day. Too many athletes don’t think about their nutrition, don’t go in with a plan, and that leads to some uncomfortable race conditions. If you’ve struggled with GI distress, you haven’t raced to your potential or you just don’t know what to do nutrition wise, a race day fuel plan is for you. Take the guess work out. This plan should be done at least 8-12 weeks before your “A” race in order for you to practice and for Tina to make adjustments. You will be given the choice to add on another race distance at no charge. If IM is your “A” race, but you are doing a half ironman as well, Tina will do a plan for both. This also applies to marathon and half marathons. A race day fuel plan:

  • You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire regarding allergies, intolerances, previous race issues, current nutrition products and your goals
  • You will schedule a 60min phone conversation to go over the questionnaire
  • Tina will provide you with specific foods and fluids to eat before, during and after your race based on your preferences and needs. You will be given specific times at which to eat what or drink
  • The plan will provide calories, carbohydrates and sodium recommendations
  • After you’ve practiced the plan, you and Tina will schedule a follow up phone call to go over how it went and Tina will make any adjustments that need to be made

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