Mary Eggers


Mary is accepting a limited amount of athletes for fall 2018, email her at for information!

Mary’s athletic career began in the pool. As collegiate swimmer she specialized  in the 500 yard free, 1000 yard free, and mile. Mary began her multisport career in 1995 and throughout the years has been fortunate to find both success and failure, both of which have helped her growth as an athlete, coach and person.

In 2000 and 2001 11 months after having her son Luc, she was able to race in the Elite / Professional field in the Subaru Triathlon Series. She’s an 8 time Ironman finisher…. 3 X Kona Qualifier, has won races and  has medically DNF’d. She’s  been through illness, injury and triumph.

In 2004 Mary began coaching because she love to share and guide athletes of all abilities. Since then she’s  been able to work with beginners to professionals covering all distances from sprint to Ironman, and has guided 200+ athletes across Ironman finish lines.

After owning  Train-This Multisport Coaching until 2011, she ssold it to become a coach with QT2 Systems. She was an athlete with QT2 for 4 years and a coach for 2, training  and studying under  Jesse Kropelnicki.

Under his guidance she was able to coach Jennie Hansen to her first Ironman victory in Lake Placid in 2013.

Mary is also  the girl who raced Lance Armstrong and remains proud of that event and the fact that she helped to raise $100,000 for Teens Living With Cancer. Later that season she also raced Craig Alexander in Kona!

At the end of 2013 Mary felt the need to come back home. She considers herself   a lemonade stand type of girl aiming wanted to  work for herself  on a smaller scale. Jennie HansenTina Caldwell and Mary teamed up to create the Valor Triathlon Project  and since then the project has grown to include more coaches and athletes!.

Mary is a USAT Level I triathlon coach, personal trainer, certified cycling instructor, yoga teacher and RN. She is completing her Masters of Nursing Education, works in the nursing program at Finger Lakes Community College and is competing in short course triathlon as a Masters athlete. She announces several of the Score This !!! Mutltisport series races, and just began a year long Elite Coaching Mentorship program with Justin Trolle of Vanguard Endurance. She currently trains under the guidance of High Performance Training, and is a very proud member of that team.

Mary and her husband Curt coach athletes together in their 1-1 coaching program. Together they create an annual training plan for each athlete, collaborate on training and work in conjunction with athletes to help them reach their potential while keeping coaching affordable. You get two coaches for the price of one with Team Eggers! Contact them today, as they are currently accepting athletes for Fall 2016!

1-1 Coaching Services:

We don’t employ the one size fits all method. Not many coaching programs do these days, which is good! We have trained professional athletes, beginners, surgeons, CEO’s, stay home moms…. It’s important to match the right program to the lifestyle. One of the things we are best at is helping all of this fit YOUR life. we don’t want to stuff you into a box.

Here is everything you need to know ….. you can expect:

– An Addaero coaching account, where we deliver training.

– A complete customized training plan to include strength and flexibility as well.

– Training with data: The only piece of equipment you need is a heart rate monitor. You choose how fancy, as long as we can pull average HR from it, we are set. Garmins of course are welcome and helpful. The more data you can provide us, the better! We also work with paces and power if you have them. We use HR as the primary metric with pace and power as secondaries. We hope to show you why this method is really effective!

– We deliver training schedules 3-4 weeks in advance, and we map out your entire year before we even begin, and we tailor weeks if things come up. Dog needs to go to the vet? No worries, we will move that bike around for ya!
– Unlimited email and phone access. The easiest way to reach us is via email. It helps us remain organized as well. We hop on the phone whenever you’d like!

– Race fueling plans for every distance. We also have a great nutritionist on our staff who has created some amazing race fueling plans for around $90. Really good ones. 

– Race plans. We focus on the process rather than the outcome. For example…. Many athletes will say to us…. “I want to do a 12:00 Ironman.” We throw that out. Instead (and this is what I did with professional Jennie Hansen and all of my athletes) we focus on the PROCESS. The execution. If we can nail that…. We nail our best possible outcome… the time.

-Field testing to determine your HR zones and HR zones for bike and run personalized to you.

We are currently accepting athletes!

To get in touch with Mary and Curt, email valortri “at” gmail “dot” com . We look forward to hearing from you!